Values and Mission Statement

Mission: Our mission is to create new bridges among writers, writing communities and audiences through diverse and inclusive literary events and services.

Action Plan: We are committed to serving our mission through the production of dozens of live literature events each year. We facilitate an annual festival that includes multiple literary readings throughout the Twin Cities metro area. We will also produce numerous live literature events, workshops, writing contests, fundraising events and other community events throughout the year.

Our Values: Cracked Walnut exists to serve the artistic community. In the interest of serving the arts with integrity we hold three core values as fundamental to our mission: freedom of speech, freedom of personal expression and freedom of personal identity.

  • We believe it is the charge of artists, writers and creative thinkers of all walks of life to exercise, celebrate and defend our right to freedom of speech as guaranteed to us in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  • We believe in the individual right to personal expression. We recognize that the purpose of art beyond mere entertainment is the creation, exploration and advancement of new ideas and concepts. We have a duty to promote the free exchange of ideas as openly and honestly as possible.
  • We recognize that every individual’s right to create and establish their own personal identity is a fundamental aspect of the artistic experience.  We pledge to foster autonomy and respect the right all individuals have to explore identity as we see fit especially in regard to race, gender, sexuality and spirituality.

We respectfully ask that artists who participate in our public events avoid material that runs contrary to these values.